Sunday, February 16, 2014

Why Follow @HIMSS14?

Why should you follow the @HIMSS14 Twitter Account?

To get the good conference-related tweets without having to sift through all the advertisements, spam, stale and repeated tweets.  Conference attendees can be freed from being glued to a popular hashtag that’s experiencing increase levels of spam and abuse so they can focus on the conference, presentation and vendor booths. Those who aren’t attending the HIMSS conference will have an enhanced means to eavesdrop on the proceedings remotely.

How are Tweets Selected?

Twitter, popular blogs and other sources of information are monitored using various automated and manual methods using terms and phrases expected to describe the HIMSS conference.  A human with 20+ years of experience in the healthcare IT and services industry will review each tweet before it is surfaced. 

What This Account Will Do

1. Only share information related to the HIMSS 2014 conference and only share what are popularly considered relevant healthcare IT topics:

    #digitalhealth – Mobile health, Digital Health and Connected Health
    #ehr – Electronic Health Records
    #hcr – Health Care Reform
    #hipaa – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    #hix – Health Insurance Exchanges
    #icd10 – ICD-10
    #interoperability - Interoperability and integration topics
    #mhealth – Mobile Health
    #mu – Meaningful Use
    #phi – Protected Health Information
    #usability - user experience and usability 

2. Monitor alternative sources of information off Twitter’s oft beaten path.  This includes blogs, content made available to me personally, various search mechanisms I use, etc.

3. Include links to supplemental content and resources associated with certain tweets.

4. Share select vendor info (whitepapers, surveys, content, offers, etc) that are not clearly a sales pitches.  Veiled sales pitches will probably be passed along. 

5. Verify any embedded links and embedded content can be accessed.

6. Spare you the excess of the “over-tweeters” – I will only pass on their HIMSS14-related content one time.  

7. Share select info on "booth-bling," tweet-ups, parties and contests.
    Keep an eye out for the following “unofficial HIMSS14 hashtags” suggested by others:

    #HIMSS14BestSpeaker     - Identify best presentations/speakers
    #HIMSS14DanceOff          - See #HIMSSanity
    #HIMSS5k                         - Morning Runs
    #HIMSSAhas                     - Share what you're learning
    #HIMSSanity                     - General craziness
    #HIMSSfood                     - Places to eat – good and bad – note them!
    #HIMSS14Innovate           - Innovation-related topics
    #HIMSSisMyProm            - See #HIMSSanity
    #HIMSSPickuplines          - See #HIMSSanity
    #HIMSSTips                     - Tips and How-to’s to maximize conference value
    #HIMSSwag                     - Booth bling and handouts worth noting
    #HIMSS14SM                  - Really exclusive tag for those wanting none of the #HIMSS14 stuff

What This Account Won't Do

1. Share the same tweet more than once.  Except for periodic “promotional tweets” to call attention to the service this account provides.

2. A primary value of this account is that you can just periodically review its timeline and get the scoop as to what’s going on at #HIMSS14. No need to do special searches and/or monitor the #HIMSS14 hashtag - that's my job. :)

3. Retweet every tweet mentioning this account. This isn’t about me. If really didn't even want to have my real name on this blog but it's a Google term of service item. I'm doing to because I want to share good good healthcare IT info related to the HIMSS conference.

4. Repeat the same tweet over and over and over and over and over

5. Post content requiring login or special add-ins unless a warning is given – such as [requires login] or [Requires yada yada add-in]

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