Sunday, February 23, 2014

Things @ePatientDave Says About #PatientEngagement

“Great & inspiring keynote from @ePatientDave - establish a partnership w/ patients for mutual benefit #dataquality #ptengagement #HIMSS14” – Via @thorstenkampp

As you likely surmised from the previo
us sentence, this morning’s HIMSS 2014 pre-conference patient engagement symposia presented by Dave DeBronkart (aka  @ePatientDave received a lot of tweets. Here’s a short collection of tweets made abput @ePatientDave’s presentation and related via Twitter. I grabbed these using @Symplur’s Hashtag transcript service, popped into Excel and loosely grouped these tweets in a way I hope makes sense.

Special thanks to the following for their tweets: @JohnSharp @janoldenburg @aaronsklar @ThePatientsSide @MichaelGaspar @thorstenkampp @IatricMarkJ and also thanks and apologies to anyone I may have missed.

@ePatientDave on #patientengagement
Patient engagement is not a goal, it is a strategy.

Future #ptexp anchored in patient needs & perspectives. New paradigm: patient-clinician partnerships.

Chronic illness continues to be more dominate in our modern lives vs acute illness.

Data quality is a patient safety issue--his mother's hyperthyroidism transcribed as hypo!

@ePatientDave tells @xeni story where her bone scan wasn't her at all but it was a guy.

Love this as an indicator: Googling is a sign of #patientengagement says @ePatientDave

There's a big distinction between "liquid" data--today and "nonliquid" data--the past

Everywhere @ePatientDave goes, 2/3 of people who have seen their patient data have found errors

Two thirds of patients who check their medical records find errors but providers don't have process to correct

#DataQuality is pivotal. Clinicians are overworked. Let #patients help. Be involved, view your charts.

There's far too much info for docs to know everything. No offense in a less-trained person helping out.

Too often #patients are kept in the dark & ironically told they know nothing. One word: EMPOWERMENT

Who has the most at stake to have accurate and complete information?

People perform better when they are informed better - applies to patients getting their data

Purpose of recording something is to read it back and act on it - data quality essential to patients too

[Doctors]It is not an insult for someone less trained to find something you didn't.

Take Control of Your Data
Patient involvement in data quality - ask to see your chart!

Have you looked at your own chart? Do you know if it has mistakes?

The low hanging fruit for is getting the data right! Patients can help ensure data quality!

Invite people to look at record to fix it, makes sense and better medicine this incls the patient

HIPAA allows for error correction but there isn't a process to fix it.

@kinergyhealth notes that many misinterpretations of #HIPAA are used to limit caregiver involvement

An "unengaged patient" is similar to a car going through a car wash. (I’m not sure how though)

Can Tools Help?
Effort required to use #patientengagement tech tools keeps him from using (need for patient-centered design)

Surprisingly doesn't use any of the standard #patientengagement tech tools (they're not worth the effort)

Smartphone EKG case now approved for over the counter sale-provides in-the-moment EKG

@katechrKP asked for apps to help family caregivers to make moment-by-moment adjustments in care

@ePatientDave on myopennotes
Many doctors reported stronger relationships with patients as a result of @myopennotes

@myopennotes results show little impact on physician workload. When given chance to stop, no doctors stopped.

85-89% of patients said access to @myopennotes will affect their choice of a doctor

Should Two Patient Experience Thought Leaders Come Together?
One person, I believe @cmaer commented to @BechtelHealth that @@BechtelHealth “seems to be channeling @ePatientDave in her talk to MDs at #DrHIT “

Should @ePatientDave have addressed the Physician Symposium #DrHIT rather than being next door? Q has been raised @HIMSS14

Steve Davidson suggesting @BechtelHealth speak in tandem with @ePatientDave or another patient when speaking in future #DrHIT

Missed opportunity - would be so much better to have those two intersecting rather than in parallel

That’s All!
Typesetters have proofreaders; clinicians don't! Not surprising errors creep into records

His next book will probably be titled, "What typesetting taught me about #healthIT"

Observation from one attendee: This [presentation] would work better if #patientengagement and #physicianengagement [presos] were in the same room

What ever happened to inquisitive thinking & scientific method of "figure it out?"

Link to Daves's slides from a recent presentation touching on patient engagement


  1. This is a seriously amazing job of curating the tweetstream. You're again doing this from afar, not even here?? Awesome service.

    1. Thanks eDave. Actually it was pretty easy - after 25 years in IT I've figured out how to acquire and manipulate data! :) Just not my health data! And yes, I'm not at HIMSS this year. I'm really learning a lot via about the conference via Twitter and other avenues thought.

  2. btw, re "Should @ePatientDave have addressed the Physician Symposium #DrHIT rather than being next door?" - Actually, they accidentally invited me to present at both, in overlapping time slots. Didn't work. :)

    1. p.s. The Captcha for that comment said "Health codewords." You must have the NSA Psychout plugin.